5 Classy Watches under $250

5 Affordable Watches under $300 / RM1000: Citizen Eco-Drive, Seiko 5 Automatic, Timex Fly-back Chronograph, Orient Mako, Seiko SKX007 SKX009 Series

Affordable Watches Under 300 1000 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Having met independent watchmakers and master craftsman, my eyebrows raise much lesser nowadays when realising the price tags of timepieces. Undeniably, there are so much things that go behind the tags, yet the question of “why some watches cost so much” has always been a popular one among non-collector buyers.

When we’re not talking about specialised features, unique construction, high-end technology and limited edition, good-looking watches do exist at lower and more affordable price points (albeit “affordable” is still very subjective).

We’ve found and compiled a list of 5 handsome watches under RM1000 that we love. Some of them are even highly praised in the collector community:

** Special Note:
The retail price of these watches might be over RM1k in Malaysia, but I think you can get better bargains on eBaylelong.myamazon and some other online stores (Including the shipping fee, some are still well under RM1K). However, be careful of counterfeit!

1. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Citizen Eco Drive BL5250 02L Perpetual 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Citizen Eco Drive BL5250 02L Size 5 Classy Watches Under $250

More specifically, the Citizen BL5250-02L Eco-Drive model. Check out this video to have a better look and feel of the watch:


This is actually an advanced solar-powered watch without the traditionally conspicuous solar cell – a new technology called “Eco-Drive” thanks to the engineers in Citizen’s lab.

Because of its “solar” nature, this watch is categorised under watches with “Eco-Drive” movement (the normal movement types are “Mechanical”, “Automatic” and “Quartz”).

  • Estimated Price: RM800 – RM1000


2. Seiko 5 Automatic Sports

Seiko Mens SNZG15 Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Nylon Strap Watch 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Seiko Mens SNZG15 Seiko 5 Automatic Review 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Seiko 5” is an entry-level line of automatic watches by Seiko which has been around for quite some time. Some of the watches from this line are often considered as among the best value-for-money pieces.


Many of them are below RM1K, but my favourite is SNZG15 model (as seen on the picture above). I love that it has a transparent case back.

  • Estimated Price: Around RM900 or lesser


3. Timex T2N699 Fly-Back Chronograph

Timex SL Series T2N699 Fly Back 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Timex T2N699 Malaysia Review 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Timex T2N699 is a Quartz movement watch, using Timex’s proprietary movement “Intelligent Quartz”. For me, the selling point here is its elegant style and the fly-back chronograph.



4. Orient Men’s Black Mako Automatic CEM65001B

Orient Mako Black CEM65001B 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Orient Mako Black Malaysia Review 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Orient “Mako” is one of the classics which has earned quite a fan base in the league of affordable Automatic watches. It’s a diver watch, and that explains its elegant yet sporty design. It comes in different colours as well: Blue, Yellow, Orange and the “Pepsi” (blue and red).


  • Estimated Price: RM600 – RM800

5. Seiko SKX007/SKX009 Automatic Diver Watch

Seiko Skx007 Diver Watch 5 Classy Watches Under $250

Seiko Skx007 Review Malaysia 5 Classy Watches Under $250

If you do not fancy rubber straps (I don’t), please do not be scared away by the rubber straps you just saw on Seiko SKX (haha because I almost did!).

Seiko SKX009 and the SKX007 model are ISO-rated diver watches with cult following. According to most reviews, this is a tough timepiece with a reliable movement, amazing price tag and a build that can withstand harsh condition.

As you can notice in the video, the stock rubber straps of the SKX009 has been changed, and there’s actually another model, SKX007K2 for SKX007 (the difference is just the jubilee bracelet band).

Modified SKX007 & SKX009 (mods) are very popular among the watch enthusiasts, and it’s not limited to the straps area per se. (Check out this forum and you’ll be amazed.)

  •  Estimated Price: RM500 – RM700 (with stock rubber straps)


I hope this is helpful for your next purchase. One of these babies is definitely only my shopping list. 🙂

Which one is your pick? Do let me know if you have great suggestion.

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