Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet Cartier Love Bracelet

If you were to ask me what’s the most iconic bracelet in the world of luxury, I’ll tell you it’s Cartier Love Bracelet without thinking twice. As Cartier classily puts it: it’s a universal symbol of love and commitment.

Created in 1969, the unisex Cartier Love Bracelet truly reflects the concept of committed love – the luxury band is made up of 2 “C” halves that are fastened with 2 screws, which must be opened or fastened with a screwdriver. (“I’m stuck on you” unless you have a screwdriver!)

Such classic piece does come with a classy price tag – a classic yellow gold Cartier Love Bracelet costs $6,300, while the most luxurious ones with diamonds can go up to $40,000.

Looking for a memorable gift that lasts a life time? Look no further because this bracelet is the best of the best. (My words.)

Korean Actor Ji Jin Hee Wearing Cartier Love Bracelet Cartier Love Bracelet

Korean actor Ji Jin Hee wearing Cartier Love bracelet. Image: