The Minimalist Watches

The minimalist watches I'm currently mulling over.

Minimalist Watches The Minimalist Watches

One important lesson that I learned from the Minimalism movement (it’s all the rage ever since the invention of Instagram, no?) is this:

Boring now equals timeless later.”

When you come to think of it, it’s actually true. I think minimalist can be boring at first, but the long-term benefits that we can reap later from practising this form of abstinence is somewhat rewarding, if not trouble- (and money-) saving. It is something that I’ve come to appreciate recently.

Why “simple” design often can withstand the test of time?

It’s because simple design focuses on showcasing the natural beauty of the subject itself instead of needing additional man-made ornaments to build “beauty” into the subject. Usually, the added ornament is a reflection of what’s “beautiful” at that point of cultural time in human history. With less man-made ornaments, a simple design shows less sign of aging as there’s less time-sensitive elements and relation attached to it.

Okay, before I manage to confuse you (with my oh-so-Aristotle self-definition haha,) think about the difference between a nude portrait and a street style photo. Which one is easier for you to find out the year it’s shot? You get the drift.

But that’s not to say minimalist design is boring boring, as evidenced by these 11 minimalist watches that I’m currently mulling over. While we’re at the beginning of the year when it’s all about goals and resolutions, why no a minimalist watch?

Let’s put Rolex, Patek Philippe and big fashion houses aside and check out these quality (and some are very affordable!) minimalist watches made by startups, lifestyle brands and artisan.

Minimalist, M1 Gold & Black

Minimalist Watch M1 Black Gold The Minimalist Watches

M1 in Gold & Black, $90

Komono, Magnus Black Black

Minimalist Watch Komono Magnus Black The Minimalist Watches

Magnus in Black, $100

MVMT, Classic in Brown & Rose Gold

Minimalist Watch Mvmt Classic Brown Rose Gold The Minimalist Watches

MVMT, $110

Projects, “Sometimes” by Denis Guidone

Minimalist Watch Projects Sometimes By Denis Guidone The Minimalist Watches

Sometimes, $140

AARK, Eclipse Silver

Minimalist Watch Aark Collective Eclipse The Minimalist Watches

Eclipse Silver, $170

Skagen, SKW6053

Minimalist Watch Skagen SKW6053 The Minimalist Watches

Skagen SKW6053, $175

Stock, S001K

Minimalist Watch Stock S001k The Minimalist Watches

What’s cool: They even provide a “Digital Try-on” app!


S001K, $200


Minimalist Watch Instrmnt 01 B The Minimalist Watches

INSTRMNT 01-B, $280

Larsson & Jennings, Lader Black

Minimalist Watch Larsson Jennings Lader The Minimalist Watches

Lader Black, $360

Uniform Wares, M37

Minimalist Watch Uniform Wares M37 The Minimalist Watches

M37, $400

Issey Miyake, “TO” Watch SILAN007

Minimalist Watch Issey Miyake To Watch The Minimalist Watches

TO Watch SILAN007, $500