Nomad iPhone & iPad Cases

Minimal design without logo, rugged yet classy. Age beautifully with "After 100 Days" photo comparison.

Nomad Iphone Ipad Cases Nomad IPhone & IPad Cases

Many lifestyle brands and products that are built around a rugged lifestyle lack a refined touch. But not Nomad.

From the “ChargeCard” Kickstarter project in 2012 to now a quality, legit growing accessory brand, Nomad has come a long way.

From the many similar brands that I’ve seen, this burgeoning brand seems to have nailed both “form” and “function” perfectly, especially the leather iPhone and iPad cases that I like very much.

Nomad Goods Iphone Ipad Nomad IPhone & IPad Cases

Nomad appreciates subtlety and understands that their customers would too, and so they don’t slap logos on their products’ beautiful leather surfaces. #majorlove The brand also takes product ageing into consideration in their product design, and they walk the talk by featuring “After 100 Days” photos on all their leather product pages.

On the other hand, the brand dedicated a “Wallpaper” page featuring downloadable wallpapers which I really appreciate. This nice little branding act is often overlooked when profit margin and business growth is the priority.

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