Rayban "Chris" Sunglasses

Rayban Chris Sunglasses Review Rayban "Chris" Sunglasses

Although the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer was my initial choice when I decided to make a new pair of prescription sunglasses, I ended up choosing Ray-Ban Chris.

I’m really glad that I did.

A model from the Highstreet line, Chris has a rather unique shape – a “hybrid” between a square and a rounded frame. The frame is made of an exclusive rubberized finish that I think isn’t just the designer’s aesthetic choice: wearing it for some time (I guess this “feature” isn’t included on the official catalogue,) I found out that the rubberized frame actually prevents the sunglasses from slipping off my oily face! I do have this problem with my normal glasses and the classic wayfarer as both of the frames have shiny, smooth finish. The gummy rubber material on Chris makes a huge different, especially in hot summer and you’re a sweaty person.

If you have shallow nose bridge, this frame might fit you better. I think I have a rather high nose bridge for an Asian, but I noticed Chris fits my nose better than the classic wayfarer.

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Me & My Ray-Ban Chris

Chris is very, very light – so much lighter than the classic wayfarer – and sometimes, I almost forgot I was wearing them. When it comes to style, although Chris falls under the fashionable line, they look very similar to wayfarer in a way, and that helps to increase the style longevity of these frames.

Retailed at just $130, I must say this is the best sunglasses I have had so far.