Samsung Gear S3 Classic

For many years, the phrase "smart watch" did not have a good reputation among the fashion aficionado.

Samsung Gear S3 01 Review Samsung Gear S3 Classic

* A post by our sister site Max Mayo

For many years, the phrase “smart watch” did not have a good reputation among the fashion aficionado. In fact, any accessory or device with a name preceded by “Smart” shared a similar fate. But things certainly have changed since the day Apple Watch appeared on the cover of Vogue China.

When I first saw Samsung Gear S a few years ago, I couldn’t imagine how it would sit on my wrist among the rest of the glamorous #armparty members – it looked quite out of place, frankly speaking. The idea of having a smart watch never really occurred to me since then. (Admittedly, I was swayed on the day Apple Watch Hermes was announced, but not too much.)

When Samsung’s PR contacted me about the newly launched Samsung Gear S3 not long ago, I hesitated at first, but then was quickly taken by surprise to see just how much Samsung Gear has evolved since the last time I saw it. Between the Frontier and the Classic model, I selected the Classic model and tried it on as soon as it arrived.

Samsung Gear S3 03 Watch Face Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Well, this bae actually looks pretty classy.

The S3’s design is undeniably a significant step up from the previous S2 model. (Of course, it’s a world apart from the first generation S.)

I’m a techie by trade but a hopeless self-proclaimed aesthete by nature. In the one week I’ve spent with Samsung Gear S3 Classic, yes – the watch did all the things it’s claimed to be capable of (e.g. receiving and making calls, using various apps, showing notifications from your phone, running S-Health) but it was its look that really earned my love. I got compliments from friends on how it looks, especially after knowing that it’s a Smart Watch.

Aesthetic aside, there are a few points I’ve discovered that might interest you if you’re planning to get an S3:

The Size

S3 is quite bulky, especially on my skinny wrist. It would be great if it comes with a smaller-sized option. Here’s a size comparison with the largest Apple Watch:

Size Comparison Samsung Gear S3 Vs Apple Watch Samsung Gear S3 Classic

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Selection of Watch Face

Changeable watch face is a common feature on most high-end smart watches today, but not all offer great selection of stylish (or non-geeky) watch faces that match the watch like S3 does.

Samsung Gear S3 08 Changing Watch Face Samsung Gear S3 Classic

The Use of Standard Strap

S3 uses standard strap and that is a good news for me as I can see myself purchasing third-party straps and changing them based on my outfit.

Samsung Gear S3 11 Back View Samsung Gear S3 Classic

The Spinning Bezel Navigation

This is a clever idea and it reminds me of iPod click wheel. It’s convenient and intuitive.

Waking-up the Screen

Although the watch’s display is quite responsive – it woke up every time I moved or lifted my arm – I realised there were times where I wanted to glance at my watch to check time without moving my arm or twisting my wrist at all. There’s the “Always-On Display Mode” feature for this situation, but it consumes battery power. (I might be conflicting with myself here. Oh Well… Can I have the best of both world?)

Compatibility with iPhone

It works with iPhone exactly the way it works with an Android phone.

Samsung Gear S3 15 Iphone Samsung Gear S3 Classic


Is it worth getting this watch? Well, if you want a stylish smart watch that isn’t Apple Watch, then Samsung Gear S3 is a very great contender.

* The review unit was provided by Samsung