3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

Three brands that never disappoint when it comes to classy luggages that last longer than the usual.

Durable Luxury Luggage Brand That Last 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

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Luggage isn’t something that we (hope to) buy seasonally. Because of that, it’s worth taking the time to really do the hard work to research, and then to invest in one that can last at least half a decade. Although quality and stylish luggages are usually costly, in the long run, it always makes more financial sense to invest in a great piece than to have it replaced every year.

One important question we often get asked: “Won’t these beautiful luggages get ruined at the airport? Are you sure it’s ok to toss these expensive suitcases around?” In reality, there will always be wear and tear regardless of how durable the luggages are – the key is how these luggages look after each wear, and how long until they stop working or require repair.

If you’re look for a classy, stylish yet durable luggage that can last longer than the usual, check out these 3 brands that never disappoint. Dents and scuffs? Embrace it. These are the kind of brand that improves with age.

1. Globe Trotter

Handcrafted in English, the prestigious Globe Trotter is one of the top luggage brand favoured by stylish travellers and A-list fashion icons. Since 1897, the brand has been creating luxury luggage for clients such as Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Winston Churchill and Kate Moss.

The handmade luggage is light weight and extremely strong. You can even repair this luggage when you need to. Given its classic suitcase look and the high quality material used, the luggage will age well – and aging stylishly is one of the attraction that tugs the heartstring of fashion enthusiasts and the brand’s loyal fans.

Globe Trotter 30″ Leather-Trimmed Trolley Case


Globe Trotter Suitcase Luggage Trolley 05 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

Every Globe Trotter luggage is handmade in English since 1897. Same as the rest of the offerings, this 30″ Leather-Trimmed Trolley Case  from the iconic “Centenary” collection is made of very lightweight vulcanised fibreboard, featuring the iconic handmade leather corners, straps and handles, accented with polished silver hardware.

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Globe Trotter Aging 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

New Globe-Trotter vs 16-year-old Globe-Trotter (after 300,000 miles of air travel) Image: www.themerchantfox.co.uk

2. Rimowa

Despite frequent collaboration with high-fashion brands and rising designers, Rimowa isn’t to be mistaken as just another hipster brand that’s “all looks, no substance”. Born in 1898, the German brand evolved from a classic trunk maker into a modern metal luggage company that has stood the test of time. In Japan, this brand is extremely popular.

Rimowa is known for it’s durability.

Classic Flight 26″ Multiwheel


Rimowa Classic Flight 26 1 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

An elegant and timeless retro collection made from aluminium. The meticulously handcrafted CLASSIC FLIGHT cases are a special highlight for nostalgic globetrotters in particular.

Dimensions: 28″ X 18.5″ X 10″ (56.5 linear inches)
Capacity: 80.64 Liters
Product Weight: 10.8 lbs
Model Number: RIM.971.63.4

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FENDI x RIMOWA Cabin Trolley Luggage, Blue Edition

Fendi Rimowa Luggage Blue Details 01 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

Available as a cabin/carry-on case, this one-of-a-kind piece features the sophisticated, emblematic double “F” logo with a brushed effect on the aluminum, altering its appearance depending on the light. The black Cuoio Romano leather handles on the top and side, along with the web belt that runs across the case ton sur ton with the handles, featuring the “FF” logo, give the case a characteristic FENDI touch.

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3. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

No one does it like the Italian – Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano produces one of the most durable luggage sets in the market. Founded in 1946, FPM is an Italian leather goods brand that forayed into the luxury luggage market since the introduction of their metal luggages. Note: their luggages might be a little on the heavy side.

The “Bank Collection” is especially popular as the luggages from the collection are made of 100% recycled aluminium (in other words, they’re indestructible.)

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Spinner 53cm Leather-Trimmed Aluminium Carry-On Suitcase


Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Aluminium Suitcase 05 3 Classy Luggage Brands That Last

From Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano‘s popular “Bank” collection designed by Marc Sadler, this leather-trimmed aluminium suitcase is one for those looking for an indestructible cabin bag that’s also small enough for plane’s overhead compartment.

Spinner 53 is made of 100% aluminium, featuring silent and smooth Japanese dual wheels and a TSA lock combined with two maxi butterfly locks. The luggage is accent with tanned leather handles and internal belts.

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