Cambridge Satchel “North South” Tote

Cambridge Satchel North South Tote Review Cambridge Satchel North South Tote

From a simple idea came up by a mother trying to pay her daughter’s school fee, to having point of sale in 100 countries, the Cambridge Satchel Company is a rare from-zero-to-hero success story in today’s retail world.

Started only in 2008, the company is now a cult brand thanks to the social media and fashion influencers. (Another brand that’s sharing similar meteoritical success is perhaps, Mansur Gavriel – although Cambridge Satchel co. has a much more humble beginning.)

The Cambridge Satchel’s most iconic product has to be their satchels. But what really caught my eyes were their totes, especially this minimal yet very classy North South tote.

Cambridge Satchel North South Tote For Men Cambridge Satchel North South Tote

The one in yellow, or “Pippin” (based on CS’s naming) is especially eye-catching as it gives a pop of colour to my otherwise neutral wardrobe. It’s classy enough for the office yet casual enough for weekend stroll.

Durability is one of the main selling point of CS, and you can say the same goes with this 100% leather tote. The maximum recommended weight of content is 3.75kg – that’s about the weight of all the things I’d put inside this bag. (Yes, I’ve weighted my bag before.) For men who like to carry totes in hands AND who’re also short (like me) this tote has just the perfect height thanks to its short handles. The same can’t be said for Filson’s totes as they keep touching the ground when I’m walking. (I’m 5’6″.)

Retailed at $335, this tote is a steal and I think it’s #MoneyWellSpent. One very great point: they also allow monogramming!

Cambridge Satchel Monogram Cambridge Satchel North South Tote

My monogram – ML