7 Classy Briefcases for Men

Looking for something for working professionals? You can go no wrong with briefcase.

Looking for something for working professionals?

You can go no wrong with briefcase. Besides holding documents and small gadgets, modern briefcases also can double as laptop bags. A smart looking leather briefcase instantly elevates the holder’s overall look, and a premium quality one can last for years (or even for generations.)

Here are our 7 favourite briefcase to check out this season:

Gift Idea Filson Briefcase1 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

Filson canvas briefcase is the only canvas bag on the list, and having own one tote from Filson for a few years, I can attest their quality. This rugged-looking canvas briefcase is built to withstand daily wear and tear, and it is suitable for someone who’s rather sporty and care-free.

Filson Canvas Briefcase, $290

Gift Idea Briefcase Killspencer Attache 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

LA-based Killspencer makes some really handsome briefcases, thanks to their group of master craftsmen. Killspencer Attaché briefcase is fur lined and fully padded, and it can carry a 15″ laptop. We love that this briefcase features 3 very useful outer compartments. I personally don’t like to keep my phone in my pant pockets.

Killspencer Attaché Briefcase, $375

Gift Idea Travelteq Briefcase 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

Like Everlane,  TravelTeq is also a brand that was born out of the direct-to-customer business model.  The brand’s mission is to make bags with great quality and craftsmanship that’s comparable to those of luxury houses but at the fraction of the premium price. The word “travel” in their brand name emphasizes their target customers – they’re targeting travelers and men who’re always on the go. TravelTeq Briefcase Original caught our eyes because of its design and its tan color. The premium leather will definitely age beautifully over time.

TravelTeq Briefcase Original, $395

Gift Idea Linjer Briefcase 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

Linjer is very similar to TravelTeq, except that Linjer’s bag are more minimalist, slimmer and more delicate in terms of design. (Take note of the stitching style difference between this briefcase and TravelTeq’s.) Linjer Soft Briefcase is the company’s best-seller. It’s priced a little higher than TravelTeq. But with a quality at a price likes this? We’d tap that.

Linjer Soft Briefcase, $489

Gift Idea Briefcase Paul Smith 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

Well-known British fashion label Paul Smith makes some really great bags, and this is one of them. On the other hand, you can tell Paul Smith Briefcase looks similar to Linjer Soft Briefcase from certain angle. This shiny black number is certainly a keeper.

Paul Smith Briefcase, $568

Gift Idea Briefcase Hugo Boss 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

German fashion house Hugo Boss is a big player when it comes to producing high quality accessories for men – they certainly know what they’re good at – and that’s why this slim and dark-blue Hugo Boss Gardo Briefcase has always been on our favourite list. The leather key ring with leather sleeve is certainly a very nice touch.

Hugo Boss Gardo Grained-Leather Briefcase, $651

Gift Idea Montblanc Briefcase 7 Classy Briefcases For Men

As the one with the highest price on the list, Montblanc Indigo leather briefcase has something that the others on the list don’t have – its scratch-resistant leather. If you’ve got the cash, go for this.

Montblanc Indigo Small Textured-Leather Briefcase, $1,055