Goyard Senat

Goyard Senat Clutch Pochette Goyard Senat

Of all the most coveted luxury bag labels, Goyard is one of the few that makes the least flashy bags – even when the bags are fully wrapped in their proprietary monogram pattern. Goyard’s classic “chevron” pattern looks great in its own right without any brand embellishment, and its unisex appeal makes it a favourite among the men and women working in the world of fashion.

Goyard is also a very mysterious luxury brand – Have you seen any ad by Goyard? Of course not. The company have never done any advertisement or marketing.

One of my favourite bag from Goyard is Goyard Senat, the unisex clutch. (Pictured above.) It is an example of what classy means without screaming “designer.” If you followed street style blogs, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it a couple of times during Milan or Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Goyard Senat Men Goyard Senat

Goyard Senat Men Style2 Goyard Senat

Goyard Senat comes in 4 sizes (mini, small, medium and large) and 10 color options (at the moment,) and the bag is priced differently based on size and color. For example, a medium Senat with classic color is retailed at €610 (approximately $680.) Is it expensive? I think not, for a company who’s been making bag since 1853.

Goyard Color Options Goyard Senat

One very important thing to know about buying Goyard: you can’t buy new Goyard bag through any online store. (Well, unless someone buy them at their boutique and then sell them online.) However, you still can buy them online by emailing to Goyard directly and they will come back to you with final price + shipping. (Go HERE.)