Moynat Limousine Voyage

Moynat Men Travel Bag Limousine Voyage In Orange Moynat Limousine Voyage

Image: Moynat

Other than Goyard, what other French bag and leather goods makers were born before Louis Vuitton?

It’s Moynat, who has been staying under the radar since its inception in 1849.

Different from its peers born in the same generation, Moynat was known more for creating automobile luggages and technical innovations during the company’s heyday.

Moynat Advertisement 1929 Moynat Limousine Voyage

A Moynat Advertisement in 1929

Unfortunately, Moynat closed down in 1976 (bad business?) and the brand was in the hands of many investors until 2011, when Mr Arnaud de Lummen from Luvanis, an investment company focusing on reviving luxury brands, revived the brand and relaunched its operation. Moynat was then sold to Group Arnault (well, owned by the CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnault) in the following year.

Enough of the company’s story. Let’s just look at this bag: Moynat Limousine Voyage. (If orange it too bright for you, they’re available in 7 other colors.) A soft travel bag made of Taurillon Gex leather – a leather with quality that’s comparable to those used on Hermès bags. Moynat Limousine Voyage is the men’s version of women’s Moynat Limousine.

Moynat Limousine Voyage Details Moynat Limousine Voyage

Limousine Voyage’s details. Image:

Limousine Voyage has a very simple silhouette with roomy interior. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Moynat Limousine Voyage In Various Colors Moynat Limousine Voyage

Moynat Limousine Voyage in various colors. Image:

Limousine Voyage At Joyce Hong Kong Moynat Limousine Voyage

A Limousine Voyage is retailed at 2,700 Euros (around $3,000) with VAT included. (That’s a price you can expect from such a storied luxury house.)