Guide to Men’s Swimsuits

Guide To Mens Swimsuits Guide To Mens Swimsuits

It’s holiday season! 🙂 I guess many of you are planning to hit the beach soon. It’s time to get yourself a new swimwear for your washboard abs. Choosing the right swimsuit is essential, because you want to look as good as when you’re in a suit (especially when you’re hitting the beach with your colleagues, your love interest or maybe your boss). We’d love to dress to impress. The key to wearing swimsuit is the size. Swimsuits should always be form-fitting.

There are many type of swimsuits for men nowadays. Here’s a list of the Most Popular Men swimsuits in 2011 for your purchasing guide:


Boardshort Simon Nessman Calvin Klein 2011 Swim Campaign Guide To Mens Swimsuits

Originally invented for surfing, boardshorts have become the most common swimwear you’re going to see flooding the beaches in Malaysia. Boardshorts are the most popular choice for men of all forms and shapes as it is considered the most normal and less revealing swimwear.

Many men wear underwear under boardshorts, but it is optional. Boardshorts are designed to dry quickly and wearing an underwear might go against the purpose. However, if you prefer to have extra support underneath your boardshorts, speedo is a better choice than underwear.

For men who don’t go to gym (you know what I meant) and don’t like to show too much of skin down under, I personally think this is the best choice of swimwear. And while you’re at that, it is best to avoid showing your butt-cracks by choosing a tight one. Haha!


Swim Trunks Noah Mills Calzedonia Spring 2011 Guide To Mens SwimsuitsTrunks, or swim trunks is the shorter version of boardshorts, with popularity second to boardshorts. Trunks are normally made from Nylon, and come with a layer of mesh netting / liner for quick drying.

If you are moderately built, you can try this type of swimwear. Underwear or not – optional, but it is redundant to wear one.

Swim Briefs, Speedos

Speedo Simon Nessman Calvin Klein 2011 Swim Campaign Guide To Mens SwimsuitsWe can see more speedos or swim briefs at swimming pools compared to the beaches in Malaysia. Speedos provide form-fitting coverage and extra support to hold everything in place.

Speedos are usually for the confident men who don’t mind leaving little to the imagination. If you’ve been frequenting gym lately, this is the type of swimwear for you to show off the result!

The rule of thumb is this: If you have extra mass in your stomach area or thighs, you should probably avoid speedo. Also, you should wear speedo right below your lower waist line. Not anywhere above.

Square Leg Suit

Square Leg Suit: Noah Mills for Calzedonia Spring 2011

Square leg suit is the conservative version of speedo, as it cover a little bit more of your upper legs. Square leg suits  have been popular ever since the phenomenal swimsuit scene from the movie James Bond: Casino Royale was aired.

Square leg suit is a good choice if you prefer something in between a speedo and a trunk. However, your square leg suit should be form-fitting just like a speedo. You should wear it tight with no loose fabric around your crotch and bums.

Personally, this is my favourite type of swimwear. 🙂

Choosing a swimsuit that works for you is important because I think a mature man will always want to be presentable in any occasion (yes, even when you’re stripped! Haha!). So now is the time to check your abs and hit the beach!