Item Du Jour: Not From Paris, Madame

Who made the sweaters? Where can I buy it? Is there other version of wording, or something like 'Not from Thailand, monsieur'? Too many questions, so we had to find out.

Item Du Jour Not From Paris Madame Item Du Jour: Not From Paris, Madame

I do not know these two anonymous gentlemen above, nor do I know where they are from or who they’re waiting for, but I do know I would love to own their anonymous sweaters.

Who made that sweater? Where can I buy it? Does it come in other colour? Is there other version of wording, something like “Not from Thailand, monsieur”? How long has he been keeping the beard?

Too much anon info, and too many questions that we couldn’t handle, so at the drop of a hat we consulted Larry Page. As it turned out, they are the guys from a new clothing startup named Drôle de Monsieur and they’re wearing their own design.

People say wearing your own design to fashion weeks, and then get snapped by street-style photographers would be the best billboard for any fashion startup. In this sweater case, I think they nailed it.

Besides, the label name is in French, and there’s a “Paris” on the sweater – HOW CAN I SAY NO?

[vimeo link=”″ width=”600″ height=”332″]

And hey, he wears white sneakers too!

Too bad the sweaters will only be up for sale in summer. But I’ve already imagined the sweater being pack-up in the warehouse and sent to the delivery man to reach to its final destination – my doorstep. The brand’s philosophy said it well: Life offers us the possibility to materialise our imagination.

Call me when your online store is ready, monsieur!

Lookbook by Drôle de Monsieur: