14 Best Online Shopping Sites

If you're looking for some of the best sites to shop for menswear, here are my answers.

If I could order a fresh cup of hot coffee online and have it delivered to my door step every morning, I would.

That’s the type of consumer I am. Although I don’t shop very frequently, I must admit I’m pretty attached to online shopping. I could really count the number of items I bought in physical stores on the fingers of one hand. (That excludes groceries and food.) (Well, if there’s an online store that can deliver both to my place… why not?! Haha)

Contrary to what many people believe, I don’t live in a big city. In fact, I live in a small town near the outskirt, but Internet made everything accessible. I’m not even exaggerating when I said the Internet has changed my life more than the sum of what the teachers/lecturers have taught me in class.

“Where do you shop online for your clothes then?” That’s a question I often received. If you’re looking for some of the best sites to shop for menswear, here are my answers:



Best Online Store Ssense 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Canada-based SSENSE is possibly my favourite when it comes to hunting for designer items. Personally, I think the prices here are normally the lowest among all the online stores. SSENSE is more towards high-fashion and designer brands.

Shop on SSENSE


2. Mr Porter

Best Online Store Mr Porter 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

UK-based Mr Porter can be considered as the leading brand among the menswear online stores. As the sister (or brother) site of the successful Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter is taking the more traditional menswear route when it comes to product selection. I like its always classy, subtle and understatedly cool product selection. I especially love the articles and content at “The Journal” section.

Shop on Mr Porter



Best Online Store Luisaviaroma 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Italian Luisa Via Roma has been operating since 1930, but its online store was only launched in 2000. The online retailer is mainly serving the luxury market, and so this is the right place if you’re into luxury fashion brands.



4. Revolve Clothing

Best Online Store Revolve Clothing 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

LA-based 12-year-old online fashion retail maven REVOLVE is generating sales of up to $400 million this yearREVOLVEMan is men’s section, and it stocks many designers, and the selection has this LA vibe.

Shop on REVOLVEMan


5. Uniqlo

Best Online Store Uniqlo 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Uniqlo is my absolute favourite place for quality basics. Why? They have great quality and most importantly, their cutting fits me perfectly. My absolute favourite products by Uniqlo: plain white tee (“Men Packaged Dry Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt”) (such a long name!) and underwear. Their products have this clean, Japanese minimalist style.

Shop on Uniqlo


6. East Dane

Best Online Store East Dane 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

The sister site of ShopBop and a subsidiary of Amazon, East Dane is Amazon’s answer to the rising men’s fashion market, bringing the benefits of ShopBop to male shoppers. It offers a balanced mix of everyday wardrobe and designer brands.

Shop on East Dane


7. Matches

Best Online Store Matches 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Founded by husband and wife team in 1987 in London, Matches was originally just a fashion boutique in Wimbledon Village. Today, Matches have 4 physical stores and a very successful online shop that’s responsible for most of their sales. Same like LUISAVIAROMA, Matches is more toward luxury fashion brands. I love “The Style Report” editorial content.

Shop on Matches


8. COS

Best Online Store Cos 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

H&M-owned COS is actually the higher-end version of H&M, best known for their Scandinavian minimalistic aesthetic, a little futuristic vibe and affordable price range. It is one of my favourite brands for quality basics.

Shop on COS



Best Online Store Oki Ni 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Founded in 2001, Londoner OKI-NI is an online store that successfully established itself as brand, and worked with fashion labels to create exclusive and limited edition collection. While the main focus is on luxury menswear, OKI-NI also introduce innovation new brands, underground labels and cult brands. OKI-NI is now part of the conglomerate Menlook Group.

Shop on OKI-NI


10. FarFetch

Best Online Store Farfetch 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

London-based FarFetch isn’t just a “standard” online store – it’s more of a “gateway” to a large group of international online boutiques, with each boutique stocking its own unique selection of products that might not be available on other mass online stores. Think of it as a more polished and unified version of eBay stores. Looking for something different or rare? This is the right place.

Shop on Farfetch


11. Everlane

Best Online Store Everlane 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Even since I got myself a couple of quality basic tee and a dopp kit from Everlane, I keep going back for more. As one of the pioneering fashion brands capitalizing on the “no-middleman” business model, Everlane keeps delivering its “luxury-level quality at half the price” promise and it has yet to fail. From the initial modest lines to today’s wide range of products, Everlane is fast becoming my favourite for quality basics.

Shop on Everlane


12. Need Supply Co.

Best Online Store Need Supply 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

Originally a small boutique in Richmond, Virginia, Need Supply outgrew itself when the company launched the online store in 2008. Need Supply‘s selection of products and brands is less on the high-end side, more on the affordable range.

Shop on Need Supply


13. Opening Ceremony

Best Online Store Opening Ceremony 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

New York-born Opening Ceremony is very similar to SSENSE when it comes to product selection (SSENSE is a little “edgier” while Opening Ceremony is more “playful”) but admittedly, Opening Ceremony is the more well-known cousin in US. The boutique features products within a wide range of price points, mixing veteran fashions with new and exciting oversea designers. On top of that, Opening Ceremony also produce their own line and exclusive collections with with other designers. OC was founded by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the reigning creative directors of Kenzo.

Special Note: Before Alexander Wang became huge, he sold his own line on Opening Ceremony.

Shop on Opening Ceremony


14. Huckberry

Best Online Store Huckberry 14 Best Online Shopping Sites

San Francisco-based Huckberry isn’t really a “fashion store” but more of a men’s gear and clothing site. The store has this lumberjack vibe and ruggedness going on, and has this additional attraction – flash sales!

Need some utilitarian and manly gear? This is the place. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Lumbersexual trend, but I like to check out their “Everyday Carry” and “Home” section because they always have some cool stuff. (And this got me laughing before nausea ensued.)

Buy on Huckberry

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What’s your favourite site?