Derma-Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

6 months into using Derma-Rx products, it's time to check the progress chart. Introducing Carbon Laser Treatment by Derma-Rx.

Derma Rx Skincare Carbon Laser1 Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

It’s been 6 months living under the regime of Derma-Rx skincare, and 2 months after the last progress-checking. It’s time to see the result and to evaluate if the products are stilling working their magic.

Truth to tell, I’ve never seen any aesthetic physician for my skin problem before Derma-Rx. Well, it wasn’t really a “problem” previously because I’ve actually given up putting in more effort on my skin, seeing that I’ve been living (and most probably will be living) a sleep-deprived and inactive lifestyle, and I understand how my lifestyle is closely affecting my skin.

I’ve been very grateful with the result since the first evaluation. It’s the first time I’ve seen my facial skin in such healthy and clear state. Looking back at the before-and-after, although I didn’t have serious acne problem, I have to say the products really impressed me. And I don’t think I have much to ask for now (except for the 95% oil-free wish).

(Warning: Huge close-up of my face ahead! To view larger version, click on the image.)

Derma Rx Before After Review Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

Reposted from the first evaluation

Although my skin continues to look as great as it was during the first evaluation, I generally didn’t see noticeably difference through the mirror since Week 5. That calls for a close comparison, and a closer inspection reveals some new discoveries:

Derma Rx Progress Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

Derma Rx Progress Highlight Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

Pay attention to the highlights

If you see close enough, you may notice there are differences in areas highlighted in red and blue circles (click the image above to view the larger version).

In areas highlighted with red circles, I noticed dark spots and acne scars are now lightened. YES! (Can’t really notice that in the mirror without side-by-side comparison I guess.)

On the other hand, in areas highlighted by blue circles, a few small pimples popped up.

I’m not sure what happened to cause the new pimples, but as far as I can remember, I was going through some more-stressful-than-usual days last week (Week #25 photo was taken last Sunday) followed by a sore-throat and a feverish feeling. Understanding my own body, my skin is usually the direct reflection of my health status. (And so you can conclude that I’m usually not very hydrated judging from the scaly skin on my arms aha oh well…) Maybe it was all that caused the breakout?

But fret not, Dr Jason has had prescribed a cream to counter ad-hoc pimples not long ago (but unfortunately it’s out of stock at that time, so to be collected in the next appointment.)

Well if you ask me –

Are the products still working their magic?


Will you continue to use Derma-Rx products?

Yes. The follow-up experience at Derma-Rx have been great, and I can feel the staff are really sincere in understanding your skin and helpful in trying to perfect your skin.

Not long ago, I was recommended to try a complementary laser treatment too.

Derma-Rx Carbon Laser Treatment

Derma Rx Carbon Laser Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

Derma Rx Carbon Laser Steps Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser
The purpose of this treatment is to minimise pores and to give you a more radiant skin. Basically the steps are:

  1. Clean your face with cleanser
  2. Apply a layer of carbon mask
  3. Use laser beam to “pop” off the carbon (I could literally hear the “popping” sound)

No pain involved, and metaphorically speaking:

It’s like having a mini lightning happening on your face, in which your face is the ground and the laser beam is the lightning. You can feel the lightning “striking” the ground, but you don’t feel burnt or electrified.

Right after the treatment and the next day, I noticed my skin texture appeared a little finer, the skin was a little brighter and “shinier” (quoting my sister) than usual – not the oily kind of shine but the Daft Punk’s helmet kind lol. As mentioned by Doctor, the radiant effect will only last from 1 to 2 weeks.

In my case, the “shiny” effect lasted for one week. But I didn’t actually see noticeable difference in terms of the pore size after Day 3 though.

Derma Rx Carbon Laser Result Derma Rx Skincare: 6 Months & Carbon Laser

* Close-up of my skin, a week after the treatment.

The short-term effect makes the treatment a perfect recommendation for special occasions where you’d like to look more radiant. For example: wedding, photoshoot and events.

My 6-month journey with Derma-Rx has been pretty impressive, if not more than my initial expectation of how my skin can look at its best.

If you’re interested to try Derma-Rx, quote “Blogger Max Law” to enjoy free consultation:

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