Louis Vuitton First Men’s Fragrance Collection

The much anticipated debut men's fragrance line by the fashion house is finally available.

Louis Vuitton Mens Fragrance Perfumes Louis Vuitton First Mens Fragrance Collection

When Louis Vuitton launched its first fragrance line for women in 2016, the fashion house has already set a high anticipation for the men’s equivalent to join the family not too far down the road. Earlier this month, the men’s fragrance line – namely Les Parfums pour Homme Louis Vuitton – finally arrived.

The debut men’s fragrance collection consists of 5 signature scents: L’immensité (“The Immensity”), Nouveau Monde (“The New World”), Orage (“Thunderstorm”), Sur la Route (“On the Road”) and Au Hasard (“Chance Encounter”). The masculine scents were created by Louis Vuitton in-house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

Louis Vuitton Mens Perfume Immensity Nouveau Monde Orage Sur La Route Au Hasard 1 Louis Vuitton First Mens Fragrance Collection

The five scents from Louis Vuitton fragrances for Men

Why It Matters: As the fashion house’s debut fragrance collection for men, these 5 scents are worth collecting. If you love oriental, spicy or woody scent, this collection is for you.

By olfactory group:

  • L’immensité – Spicy fragrance
  • Nouveau Monde – Oriental fragrance
  • Orage – Woody frgrance
  • Sur la Route – Citrus fragrance
  • Au Hasard – Woody fragrance

The collection is now available worldwide and online.

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