4 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Summer

Practice self-care this season in order to look and feel your best.

Summer Men Self Care 4 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Seasons are changing and the temps are heating up, which means it’s time to ditch the winter coat and jeans for a lighter, summer look. In addition to switching up your style, there are several ways you can practice self-care this season in order to look and feel your best. From breaking a sweat, to getting the proper amount of sleep, and everything in between, keep reading to learn more about how you can live your best and healthiest life in the months to come.


Summer Self Care Get Physical 4 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Get Physical

Whether it’s pumping iron in the gym, biking or blading along your favorite trail, or shooting some hoops in your rec league, some form of exercise is crucial for both our minds and bodies. While routine exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps the blood pumping to your heart, breaking a sweat has benefits that stretch far beyond just your physical health. Engaging in physical activity causes the body to release a group of hormones known as endorphins which trigger positive feelings and literally make you feel happy. Getting your sweat on can also increase your desire to get it on in the bedroom. That’s right, exercise can give you more energy and even help increase your libido. Just make sure you’re reaping all of the physical and mental benefits of sex by enjoying the moment. If you’re like many men who wish they could last longer in bed, it’s never a bad idea to keep a back-up such as premature ejaculation spray on hand just in case! This will lessen your sensitivity and allow you to lengthen your bedroom stamina. Keep in mind, the calories you burn in the bedroom count towards your daily goal, too!


Summer Self Care Haircut 4 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Maintain Your Mane

In the colder months, we tend to let things go a bit, and sometimes this even includes our hair. If you’ve grown your mane out over the winter to help keep you warm, these next couple of months are the perfect time to shed some layers and let your scalp breathe. Determining the proper hairstyle can be tough and is based on many factors including facial shape and structure. To make things a bit easier, we’re sharing this guide with you. We’ve done some research ourselves and found that the undercut hairstyle seems to work well on most men, especially those with an elongated face. Maybe you’re a guy who prefers a clean-shaven look for a no-fuss, no-frills look. Head here to get some celeb-style inspiration for rocking a bald yet beautiful crown this summer. Regardless of the style you choose, make sure it is one you feel confident rocking in the upcoming summer months.

Bonus tip: A great haircut is nothing without great product. If you’re looking for great products that won’t leave your scalp feeling oily, check out these water-based hair pomades that will help you achieve the perfect look!


Summer Self Care Protect Skin 4 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Protect Your Skin

In a Sun Safety Tips study conducted by the CDC, it was found that men, especially those with lighter skin, are more likely than anybody to develop skin cancer, especially melanoma which can be deadly. While it’s important to wear some form of SPF in every month of the year, it’s especially important during the summer as our skin tends to be exposed to the sun’s UV rays more often. If you’re spending time outdoors, it’s recommended you apply sunscreen liberally every two hours, even if there is no sign of the sun in the sky. You should always choose an SPF 30 or higher for the proper amount of protection. If you’re concerned about sunscreen causing breakouts, we’ve shared a list of dermatologist approved protection options here.


Summer Self Care Sleep 4 Ways To Practice Self Care This Summer

Make Time to Relax

The summer months are typically jam-packed with picnics, concerts, beach days and late night parties. While it’s great to take advantage of the warm weather, it’s also important to make time to rest and recharge in order to prevent burn-out. It’s recommended that adults get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep per night in order to function properly. Getting enough sleep each night will not only leave you feeling well rested but can also reduce stress, improve memory, decrease depression and even make you smarter! During the summer, the days are longer which means it stays lighter out later. If you’re the type of person who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night, visit this page for some science-backed ways to improve your sleep quality.


While these are just a few ways in which men can practice self-care throughout the summer season, it’s important to listen to your body when it’s telling you what it needs. Sure, we all want to savour every bit of the wonderful summer ahead, but how enjoyable will it truly be if we don’t make the time to look and feel our best? Utilizing these tips through the summer season may even help you learn more about yourself and what truly makes you the best version of you!