Very Classy: Marvis Toothbrush

Marvis Toothbrush Review Very Classy: Marvis Toothbrush

This is actually a very normal toothbrush. But, let’s just say Marvis clearly knows what kind of design tugs the heartstrings of design guys with insatiable appetite for stylish items, or maybe, minimalists with an OCD, when they decided to remove curves from these toothbrushes and painted them all black. They just look very classy and old-school elegant.

Marvis Toothbrush Design Very Classy: Marvis Toothbrush

The cult Italian toothpaste brand Marvis (OK, I still don’t get the cult toothpaste part because I haven’t tried one, but I’ll get back to you) is known for their classic toothpaste among the menswear connoisseurs. The Marvis Toothbrush was created to be used with their toothpastes, and they come with plastic cover for the head, making them suitable for travel as well.

Marvis Toothbrush Close Up Very Classy: Marvis Toothbrush

The made-in-Italy Marvis Toothbrush is retailed at $18 for a set of three.