Re-considering Vans Slip-on

They're back in the name of designer shoes and in the memory of my lost Vans.

Vans Slip On Shoe Trend Re Considering Vans Slip On

Vans Checkerboard Slip-on. Image: Vans

Remember seeing those chess board back in the days?

I remember having one pair circa 2007, but can’t quite remember why it’s now missing from my closet. (7 years – there’s a high chance they’ve already decomposed to join our Mother Earth.)

I bought them because they’re so cool back then. It might due to the fact that I was the president of Chess Club Malaysia, year 2008. Ok I lied. I don’t do chess, but I was the president of the Art Club back in high school though.

Unrelated anecdote aside – hey, the Vans are back.

They’re back since 2012 when Celine debuted their Vans-inspired skate shoes which were given some luxurious make-over in the form of plaid, pony-hair and leopard print treatment. It was then followed by the Kenzo x Vans collaboration.

Side note: Vans have had some tough time during the 80s when they filed for bankruptcy. The label was acquired by VF Corporation in 2004 with a total purchase price of $396 million. VF Corporation also owns Lee, Wrangler, Timberland, 7 For All Mankind etc. Read “Behind the Vans Boom” for more brainy info.

Celine Plaid Slip On Vans Re Considering Vans Slip On

Celine Plaid Slip-on. Image:

Celine Skate Shoes Checker Slip Ons Vans Re Considering Vans Slip On

Céline Skate Checks in Silk Fabric Multicolour. Image: Stockholm Streetstyle

Celine Oil Slick Slip On Sneakers Re Considering Vans Slip On

Celine Petrol Skate Sneakers. Image: CAROLINESMODE

Kenzo Vans Sneakers Fall Winter 2012 Re Considering Vans Slip On

Kenzo x Vans. Image:

Kenzo X Vans Tiger Slip On Sneakers Re Considering Vans Slip On

Kenzo x Vans Tiger Slip-on. Image: MatchesFashion

Granted, those are some women’s feet right there, but the men’s wear department also caught the fire. The truth is, Vans has always been a favourite among the skater boys (or girls) because they’re designed for better grip. There’s a reason why they’re called “Skate shoes.” (But I don’t think you’d wear your Celine to skate.) I personally call them the “lazy shoes” since it’s easier to slide into them than, say, Crocs.

All these pictures brought back the joyful memory of my Chess Club lost Vans Checkerboard Slip-on. I wept.

Good news: I can always get another pair in 2014.

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