Acne Studios Sock Sneakers

Acne Studios Tristan Sock Sneakers Acne Studios Sock Sneakers
Sock sneakers are undeniably one of the most hyped trends of 2017.
 As someone who’s not easily swayed by seasonal trend, I’m actually a fan of these “lazy man” shoes – especially the high-top version. They look minimally chic, cool, futuristic (or some say future-proof if you’ve decided to break up with shoe laces for good) and super easy to slip on. Period. Ok wait, there’s one thing I’d like to complain about them – unlike Common Projects white sneakers, they don’t always work with suits IMO (which they’re not supposed to anyway.)

You know a trend has made it when it started popping up on product catalogues of high-end brands such as Balenciaga and Dior, and then in the seasonal collections of the more accessible Zara and Adidas. But as His Highness Oliver Cromwell once said, “not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking,” Acne Studio did just that by dropping a pair of new high-top “snockers” named “Tristan“. (They dropped the low-top version earlier in April.)

I know what you’re having in mind, I know. Coz I do too: Don’t they look just like the Speed Trainer from Balenciaga sans logo??

Balenciaga Speed Trainers Vs Acne Studio Compare Acne Studios Sock Sneakers

Side-by-side comparison

I’m telling you: you’re wrong.

It’s in the details, my friend. It’s in the soles (or soul if you will) and it’s in the knit texture on the socks. And then you have the difference in color (Tristan comes in Black and Navy/White version) and branding (Acne Studios is more shy.) The only similarity I can tell you is that they both make your feet look like that of big foot’s – and that, you can’t protect with a copyright.

Retailed at €450 EUR (or MYR2,200) these kicks are available NOW on their web store, here.