From Fashion to Food: 9 Luxury-Branded Eateries Around The World

A list of the best luxury-branded restaurants & cafe for both the fashionable and food aficionado.

9 Fashion Luxury Branded Eateries Cafe Restaurant From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World

When we mention about fashion and food in the same sentence, it goes without saying that both of them are reminiscent of oil and water because they do not mix together. But yet, it is hard to imagine that luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Vogue restricting themselves to just releasing seasons of new clothes and accessories these days. These fashion empires are seen branching out into food businesses by incorporating their well-established brands to open up restaurants and/or cafes around the world.

Whether you are a true fashionista/fashionisto or a food aficionado, here is the selected list of the best luxury-branded eateries you can find from around the world:

1921 Gucci, Shanghai

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe 1921 Gucci From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World

In July 2015, the world-famous Italian fashion connoisseur opens its first full-fledged restaurant in Shanghai. Located on the fourth floor of the IAPM luxury shopping mall of Huaihai Lu, it took two years to complete the 1921 Gucci restaurant.

This classy restaurant can be accessed via an elevator within the Gucci store. And true to its Italian heritage, the 1921 Gucci restaurant features a diverse menu of Italian cuisine ranging from pasta to tiramisu dessert. As for the price from the menu, a lunch set will cost you at about 150 RMB per person while the dinner set costs around 300 RMB.

Alfie’s, Hong Kong

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Alfies From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


A collaboration between Alfred Dunhill and KEE private members club, Alfie’s is a contemporary British restaurant-cum-bar located in the Prince Building in Hong Kong’s Central.

True to the Dunhill’s masculine fashion style, this plush establishment is mostly adorned with dark-themed decors and furniture ranging from black leather seating to a sophisticated black-and-copper bar area. Patrons will be delighted with Alfie’s impressive offering of wine and cocktail list while the food menu consists of typical English cuisines such as fish and chips, Scottish smoked salmon terrine and Yorkshire pudding.

Bar Luce, Milan

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Bar Luce Milan From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


Like Gucci, Prada is yet another Italian luxury fashion empire venturing into the food business by opening its very own Milanese cafe known as Bar Luce.

Situated in the Fondazione Prada in Milan, what makes Bar Luce a one-of-its-kind cafe is the unique design specially created by renowned film director Wes Anderson. The Texas-born director is, of course, known for his distinctive visual styles seen in his quirky films such as ‘Rushmore’ (1998), ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ (2001) and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ (2014). And just like his films, Bar Luce contains most of Anderson’s signature pastel colour and stylised decors ranging from the patterned wallpaper to colourful tables and chairs. The Bar Luce housed a coffee counter as well as a bar serving various cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan and John Collins. Patrons can also expect food menu which consists mostly of panini and roast beef cuisine.

Beige, Tokyo

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Beige Chanel From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


Located in the upscale district of Ginza in Tokyo, Beige is a joint-venture swanky restaurant first established in 2004 between French celebrity chef Alain Ducasse and the France-based fashion brand of Chanel.

The restaurant, which also carries two prestigious Michelin stars, is blessed with an elegant high-ceiling dining environment courtesy from Chanel’s very own boutique designer Peter Marino. Apart from its posh interior design that perfectly reflected the fashion legacy of Chanel, patrons can expect authentic French cuisine cooked with the finest Japanese ingredients such as grilled houbou fish, Kyushu beef, Meishanton pork and Hokkaido veal. The price for set lunch starts from 5,900 yen while the set dinner stretches from 14,000 yen and above.

Cafe Dior, Seoul

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Dior From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


Situated in the high-end fashion street of Apgujeong in Gangnam, Seoul, the world’s largest Dior flagship store may have been known for Christian de Portzamparc’s unique tulip-shaped building design but beyond this posh boutique lies an elite cafe on the top floor.

Otherwise known as Cafe Dior, this glass-walled cafe offers an exquisite menu personally curated by Pierre Herme, a renowned French pastry chef who is known for his signature macarons. Patrons can look forward to indulging his seasonal creations of various cakes and pastries.

Emporio Armani Caffe, Dubai

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Emporio Armani Caffe From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


Dubai is synonymous with luxury and grandeur so it comes to no surprise that Giorgio Armani picks this opulent Middle-Eastern metropolis to open up a restaurant-cum-bar known as Emporio Armani Caffe.

Located at the Fashion Dome within the Mall of the Emirates, this lush establishment offers a range of traditional Italian cuisine and also housed an Armani Dolci corner which sells scrumptious chocolates. The Emporio Armani Caffe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ralph’s Coffee, New York

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Ralphs Coffee From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


A contemporary mix of retail outlet and coffee shop, the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store on 55th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City housed Ralph’s Coffee on the second floor, which sells USDA organic coffees.

Brewed and packaged exclusively by the Philadelphia-based La Colombe, the menu list consists of various coffee and espresso blends served either hot or cold. And just like most NYC coffee shops, patrons are able to pair their favourite caffeinated beverages with delectable light bites such as muffin, scone, cookie and mini pie. A range of merchandise can also be found on the shelves of Ralph’s Coffee where patrons can purchase and take home a T-shirt, mug, cap as well as a tin of coffee beans.

Thomas’s Cafe, London

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Burberry Thomass From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


Famously known for its signature check pattern found in women’s bags and footwear as well as the iconic trench coats, the British luxury brand Burberry also owns a cafe in the capital city of London.

Thomas’s, which is named after the founder of Burberry himself, boasts a distinctive British sensibility complete with black-and-white marble floors and an all-day menu sourced from their very own U.K. artisans and farmers. The cafe, which is actually located within the Regent Street flagship store, also housed a gifting department that sells home-furnishing items and travel accessories.

Vogue Lounge, Bangkok

Fashion Luxury Restaurant Cafe Vogue Lounge From Fashion To Food: 9 Luxury Branded Eateries Around The World


No stranger to fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue explores the world of gourmet exclusivity in the form of Vogue Lounge, which happens to be the brand’s first-of-its-kind lounge situated in MahaNakorn Cube in Bangkok.

The 1920s-inspired interior which completes with elegant marbles, leather seating and brass decor is designed by David Collins Studio. The lounge housed an elongated bar area and a huge outdoor terrace overlooking the gleaming city of Bangkok. Apart from its plush setting, the menu list of Vogue Lounge is overseen by the renowned chef Vincent Thierry, who holds three Michelin stars for formerly leading the restaurant team of Caprice at the Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel in 2005.