19 Classy Neck Tattoo Ideas & 46 Examples

Classy neck tattoo ideas and inspiration for your next ink session.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 19 Classy Neck Tattoo Ideas & 46 Examples

Unlike shoulder and chest tattoos, neck tattoos are more prominent, hard to be ignored and difficult to be covered (unless turtleneck is your thing).

When compared with other tattoo spots, neck tattoo has been relatively rare in the past due to its “job stopper” status (job stopper: exposed tattoo that might prevent a person from getting a job). But with its growing celebrity fanbase – from footballer David Beckham to celebrity model Hailey Baldwin – neck tattoo is now Instagram’s favourite ink and a highly requested tattoo placement.

Truth to tell, not every tattoo artists will accept neck tattoo requests. As a way to protect customers from making a mistaken that they might regret later, some tattoo artists will only accept neck tattoo job for customers who are already heavily tattoo-ed.

If you’re looking for neck tattoo ideas, here we have hand-picked 19 best tattoo ideas with examples for your next tattoo session.

1. Abstract

2. Anchor

3. Angel or Demon

4. Arrows

5. Butterflies

6. Calligraphy

7. Cross

8. Crown

9. Eagle / Hawk / Falcon

10. Feather

11. Flower

12. Geometry

13. Laurel Wreath or Leaf

14. Mandala

15. Ship

16. Sparrow

17. Star

18. Symbol

19. Wings